Rants and Gossip 2001
J.C.!!  What a wreck!  At least you're okay though.  Me and Taylor know that, but not Cody.  
Oh well.  For those who don't know or just weren't there, J.C. is fine.  He got in a wreck last
night.  Check his page
here.  He's alright though so don't sweat it any.  Also, Melissa is buying a
trip.  It is well deserved, so don't think I'm some cocky Mustang driver... wait a minute.trip.  It is
well deserved, so don't think I'm some cocky Mustang driver... wait a minute.
Hmm. stayed up too late last night, and was late to work.  My AC in my Mustang works fine,
something.  It just makes something.  It just makes the car worth more to sell I guess.  Taylor
fixed the power steering leak the car worth more to sell I guess.  Taylor fixed the power steering
leak on Jini's mullet mobile last night and I cleaned the barn after doing a cylinder head gasket
replacement and removing an intake on my car last week.  The place was a "mess" to say the
absolute very least.  I'm going to go down tonight and put some GT rims on "Project LQD SNK"  
tonight and start to get ball rolling on it a little.  I plan to put the motor in it this weekend and
have the transmission in it by at least two weeks from then.  The Cobra parts I have are going to
go on it and once it's painted, I'll simply use it as an everyday driver to look good in.  I like the
fox-bodies too much to not be seen in one.
Taylor is apparently getting busy on DFWstangs.net with Nelson.  I have no idea why.  I can't
up on one import driver.  I don't like mouthy 'stang drivers any more than I like mouthy import
drivers, or mouthy people at all for that matter.  It's whatever.  I'm amazed by how many guys
with fast cars don't respect other guys with similarly fast cars.  That is a foreign concept to the
Taylor is apparently getting busy on DFWstangs.net with Nelson.  I have no idea why.  I can't
author here at mustang_tbird.  I have never talked down to, laughed at, hated on,  etc, etc, on tell
what's going on with all of that.  It just looks like two or three Mustang guys trying to bully
anyone who displyed the slightest interest in their automobile.  As street racers, show car people,
cruisers, we all have a common thread that keeps our "hobby" alive and that is the owners
themselves.  As nice as a car is, it has little personality without what the owner gives it.  Few
cars have a personality all their own without an owner.  If we start shuttin' out the people who
take car of a car, stand by it and sacrifice for it, we might as well just look at pictures of cars and
be happy with that.  EVERYONE puts too much into their car to be talked down to PERIOD.
Pointless position jockeying should stop.  It is nothing but ultimately destructive to our hobby
and our would-be friends.  SPORTSMANSHIP applies to us as well.
What an incredible two weeks..  I thought I might have actually gotten rid of the Mustang, but as
it turns out, I'm going to keep it.  The positives of that vehicle far outweigh the negatives.  The
Mustang will therefore be going through some amazing changes this summer.  About a week ago, I
disassembled the front of the motor to replace a leaky waterpump gasket so that I could fix it and
going until the timing chain cover was off and the intake manifold was off the car completely.  I
threw that sorry stock intake as far as I could and had the Cobra intake repaired to a like new
status.  I spent nearly $100 on new parts for no good reason other than to make the car run
better.  I sold the Cobra parts I had and now I have another $350 to pocket.  My $800 income tax
return is on it's way now.  The possibilities are limitless as far as I'm concerned.  I haven't been
this fired up over my car since the day I bought it.  Summertime is around the corner,  I can't
decide what to do first.  Enough about me though!!  Cody wrecked his truck in an attempt to
re-create the rain delayed 1976 Indy 500.  A few destroyed mailboxes netted him a guilt trip and a
rented Neon.  I do not endorse the extended driving of any Neon, however, all Neon drivers
should be this kamikaze while driving their rental-fleet special.  E-brakes and power slides ARE a
beautiful thing, Cody.  Taylor is the still the man and J.C. is my hero, watch him as he goes.  
With this I declare the Summer of 2K1 official and open.  Keep the shiny side up and whatever
floats your boat is fine with me.
pretty pissed off lately..  Maybe he'll start to calm down a little now and be able to sit back and
pretty pissed off lately..  Maybe he'll start to calm down a little now and be able to sit back and
the motor once again, with some minor improvements to go along with it.  Anyway, I'm having a
enjoy himself a bit.  The Mustang is near total completion.  The Cobra intake sits proudly atop
Smirnoff party at the lake after  I drive that car to the car wash and spend about five hours I'll
make sure to take some pictures so that I can update this site some more.  Ahh, oh well.  I can't
wait for tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  From the crazy female Mustang driver files I bring
you this story of one Amber Grubb installing her own B&M short throw shifter in her Mustang.  
This is no laughing matter.  Before she installed it, she couldn't tell you the difference between a
pry-bar and a 10mm socket..  She adjusted the damn thing too.  Wow.  What's next?  12.90 ET's
at 96 mph?  Doubt it.  Anyway,  I didn't touch the thing and she drove it away last night so I
guess it's a clean install.  A lot of stuff happened in just a day's time!  It isn't even June yet!
I'd like to start this installment of Rants and Gossip off with a big THANKS FOR NOTHING to
the shop that built my motor and rebuilt my heads.  This shop first re-used the original bolts that
came with my motor rather than getting new ones and using those to  bolt all the new parts and
equipment I got together.  Secondly, thanks also for finding the cheapest valve stem seals And
smoked. And I damn near sold my car because I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong And
smoked. And I damn near sold my car because I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong
starting over again.  I eventually thought that I could live with the problem and just have a
Mustang that smoked, until I got the bright idea that the valve springs may have worn out.  
Under Cody's supervision, I went and bought a rather bad ass looking triple spring set-up and
had them installed the same day.  No more smoking.  At all.  It seems that ALL the exhaust seals
were shot straight to hell, and allowing massive blow-by.  I replaced every one of them, put my
springs on, and picked up 15 hp.  And look!  No smokey!!  Anyway,  I took my frustration out
on another '93 GT and won.  I took on a 5-speed '96 Z28 with a cam and 4.30's and beat him by
about 7 car lengths or more.  I had an incredible spring night in my car last night, like I haven't had
in a Mustang in..  nearly 3 years.  Last night was the first night I was really glad I had my car.  It
took me two years to finally do that, since I didn't have it last summer at all.   All right well, it's
6:00 and time for me to leave so, see ya!  Oh yeah, don't forget to NOT take things to the shop
above, ok?
It is amazing what a little summertime in a Mustang will do to you..  I'm so glad I kept that car!  
Street racing has never been sweeter for me.  I raced Taylor and he actually had to turn up the
more pictures.  I need to do some more convincing with the boy because he's got this crazy idea
that Camaros from the eighties are cool.  I suppose that's my fault for putting his link too close to
Cody's on the
Friends page.  I took J.C. for a ride in the Mustang for just the second time since I
had the motor built.  I would like to say here that if I had to rely on him for confidence in my
work, I would be in sad shape.  It's okay though, I suppose my car really won't be all that nice
next to J.C.'s LT1 style Firebird that has a 383 stroker and a supercharger.  I suppose I'll still go
primering his fenders or helping him scrape up his bike off the road or giving him shifters for free,
all while he tells me how bad he beat me in his car and how "not nice" it really is.  Oh, well.  At
least I don't need to rely on him for re-assurance..  I'm through venting.  There is nothing going on
really right now as far as mad parties or anything like that,  I suppose it's just the shock of not
having anything else to do that has caught us all off guard.  Things will change soon though!
Well, it wouldn't be summertime if one of the Joneses hadn't done something to their car..  By
that I mean wrecking or sinking.  Jini is kicking it Corolla style now after some guy thought that it
would be a good idea to take a Honda off the road with his F250.  Anyway, Jini is better than
okay so hopefully she'll go out and get that Mustang she always wanted!  Taylor is pushing her
hard to get something with a turbo.. why?  Jini straight up needs a 'Vette.  I know that you've
deny the visibility a car like a 'Vette would bring for Jini.  Amber went to South Padre (with her
deny the visibility a car like a 'Vette would bring for Jini.  Amber went to South Padre (with her
parents, so much for topless parties, huh?) and left me in charge of the care of her Mustang.  It
sleeps in the barn, absorbing the powerful aura of my Mustang's warrior spirit.  I went and
whipped her car the other day and cured that beast of its over-heating tendencies.  It runs really
good for a car it's age and mileage.  The short throw is nice and nearly enough to make me want a
five-speed..yeah right!  Automatics forever!  Project "LQD SNK"  now has it's five speed,
speaking of.  It also has a burn and melt free chassis wiring harness fresh from a wrecked '87 GT.  
I nearly have everything I need to get it going.  I get paid this week and I'll be able to stretch a
little bit so that I can keep this little bit of momentum going.  Me personally?  I really don't have
anything going on these days.  Taylor and I are the proud owners of one very  large vinyl banner

for the summer..
Today's Rants are brought to you by Chris Watts, courtesy of me.  It is an interesting insight into
here's Chris:

Hello from Savannah.  This is Chris, you all know me.  I am the guy that hangs out with Steve
and shows up at random times and then doesn't for 6 months at a time.  That's because I decided
[editor's Hello note: I will, they eat dogs over there..] I have many projects going on that people
don't know
note: I will, they eat dogs over about.  I am only three classes away from my
associates degree in Applied Sciences.  I will be visiting occaisionally throughout the next year.  I
can't plan to make trips out 'cause they won't let me go home anymore.  There are some, shall I
say, administrative differences between the way it is and the way it should be.  I voiced my
opinion and pretty much lost.  So in that respect I will come at a split notice in a long weekend,
so hopefully you people can convince me that I need to to come to Texas and visit.  Don't get me
wrong, I have a great time when I visit.  I am self centered.  I want MORE.  I want to have so
much fun and excitement that you have to push me back on the plane.  That pretty much covers
that.  I can't tell you how Savannah is.  It's by the beach, I can't complain about that.  The people
are different from that of DFW.  The women are, for a lack of better words, stuck up.  I can't
stand the women here, but that will not stop me from trying to play the game.  Well, everyone
take care and don't get into any trouble.  No more wrecks for the weirdos and finish your car,
thumb-boy.  LATER, APLINE1.....
management.  How'd that come about?  I'd rather not say.  It is a sore spot with me and will be
for quite some time.  Perhaps we could get together and do lunch at Macaroni Grill one day for no
standing by watching.  There was a girl selling Coors light that seemed pretty nice that I took a
replied,"I'm going to my boyfriends house."  Well, not a total loss as you might think, I did get a
smile with that beer..  Speaking of girls with boyfriends..  NEXT SUBJECT..  Mom and Dad
happily celebrated their silver anniversary on June 26th 2001.  For those of you who won't be
married for more than five years at a time, that's twenty five years.  Yes, twenty five years of
Chevelles, LTD's, a house in Haltom City and in Burleson, three children, twenty five
Christmas's, parents no longer with them and my mother's sister, all the trips we took, all the
birthdays, all the smiles and laughter and love.  CONGRATULATIONS DANNY AND ANITA
Something very ugly and nasty is going to happen to that car.  This is the only sentence that will
ever be devoted to that subject as long as I run this site.  Sly Fox always..  My sister is going to
buy an Eclipse, like a '95 or '97.  I don't know if this is a joke or what, but she'd be parking the
damn thing right next to my two cars..  Speaking of Eclipses in starring roles, Fast and the
Furious!  Good flick.  It made me want to go race some Supras in a 9-second domestic, then go
buy the Johnnie Tran action figure complete with exploding Eclipse.  I suppose that's no worse
than what happened to poor Eleanor on Gone in 60 Seconds though.  I went to go see it the past
weekend also out at Grapevine Mills..  Speaking of Grapevine Mills, there were some interesting
races afterwards..  Amber left me a whole 5.0 motor at the shop.  The motor already bored a nice
.060 over, meaning if I felt like building it, I'd have to go all the way overboard (overboard get
it??) to .090.  Cody says, BOAT ANCHOR!!..  Well, that's all the Rants I have tonight, until
next weekend..  July 3rd is next week.  I am saying this now, I am not responsible for what
happens that night!!

Today is July 4, and I'm finished.  I am at work and my stomach is killing me.  The most
incredible party I've ever had took place at my house last night, in my room, in my driveway, in
my street, in the flowerbed..  So many people, so much alcohol.  I did some CRAZY stuff last
night.  I need to go and keep coffee in me so I don't lose what little I have on my stomach.  
Anyway, I don't make any excuse to anyone for what I did last night, I covered myself in the
previous entry.  Let's see if i can relate some of this stuff here.  Fireworks, fireworks, Smirnoff
Ice, Miller, Budweiser, Southern Comfort, Skyy Vodka, Thunderbird, Miller Lite, techno,
blacklights, strobes, god friends and girlies.  That pretty much covers it.  Oh yeah, 4:30 at night..
does that tell you anything.?  I am done with this entry.  It is the weirdest one ever.  I'm going to
try to stay awake here at work.  I'm so finished today, but not as bad as Taylor..
How about some Rants up in here?!  To start.. Web updates.com  Yeah, so I've been slacking.  
It's okay, lots of people still come and see what's going on.  I got like one e-mail..(you know who
you are)  that said I needed to update the Rants and Gossip more often, like I used to.  Thanks to
that underwhelming support, I have decided to do just that.   I am currently going through yet
some more ugrades/repairs to the Mustang.  Those of you closest to me know the real story.  The
rest of you, possibly driving Camaros and/or rival Mustangs, just need to make sure that I do not
frisbee, drive fast and get drunk.  A lake trip however is in the works to top all those mad
activities.  Your esteemed author wishes to retract some of the nonsense recorded in the previous
entry.  Yes.  I am alive.  Yes.  I did get drunk.  Yes.  I did come in to work the next day and decide
to update a web page in a semi-quasi-still might be drunk kind of way.  You can therefore expect
a raised bar of professionalism from me from here on out to atone for it..  Anyway, you kids
chill, I'll update this thing later!!
Wow!  thanks to the efforts of Cody, my Oakleys from the old skool are back in my possesion.  
I haven't worn these things since I worked at Mercedes-Benz.  I know that's probably not
important enough in itself to carry a full installment of Rants and Gossip, but at least, for those
of you who have me listed in your cell phones as Joakley, or even Foakley, your arguments are
change it, so I guess I won't feel the need to remove Russell Crowe's name from Tony's phone
number in my cell phone anytime soon either.  Like I have the opportunity to change it right now
anyways, my phone has viciously run over my dad.  Inadvertently I'm sure, but it sure is hard
living without these accessories..  Well, welcome a new car to the site, Valerie's 1992
Thunderbird!  This is a beautiful example of how a Thunderbird should be.  It is an absolutely
gorgeous white, with a dark blue interior.  The price was very nice and Valerie is no longer
sweatin' it up Z-car style.  I will go and take some pictures of this fabulous Thunderbird and use
up my last bit of web space to finally bring my sister into this place so everyone can see her and
the car.  Anyway, that's all of that.  I just got back to work from lunch so I need to do something
productive before I get fired.
Welcome to the first official day of August.  Summer is in what I call phase three and in full
effect. I  however haven't quite had the summer I planned on.  Something has seemed amiss.  July
3rd had been so far the highlight of 2K1, but I can't help thinking there's something wrong with a
nothing.  I have seen no action.  No races to remember, no fights, although I'm trying my best on
the DFW scene apparently..  Someone needs to give me a swift kick before it's all over so I'll get
Mustang running from the injury it suffered, i.e. a busted trans.  It is in the trans shop at an
enormous cost to myself.  However, the first Mustang I ever drove ended up in a trans shop very
soon after it was bought.  Maybe it's my influence, but at least mine lasted two years.  The car is
mine now, thank God.  No more payments, no more full coverage insurance.  Well, no more
forced full coverage anyways.  It's been a wild two years to say the least with that thing, and it
suppose the author here better issue a retraction on some of the things he put on certain forum
based web sites.  1984 Camaros ARE NOT SO BAD.  A little secret about me..  The first Hot
Wheels cars I ever had (you remember those right?) was a maroon funny car Firebird that I still
have amazingly.  That car now has more dents than Jini's last Honda.  The other, that I miss alot
more was a 'vette that I got from McDonalds.  It was red much like my own Mustang is now.  
And  when I was little I used to count exactly how many Camaros I saw on the road.  That was
in the eighties.  Which means I was counting third gens everyday to see how many I could see.  
Don't believe me?  Ask my sister.  Anyways the point of this drivel is to show some of the
readers that these cars aren't so bad.  In an alternate universe, where the sun rises in the west and
sets in the east, Steve drives an '82 Camaro
and likes it.  Well.  I suppose that's enough retraction,
hopefully Cody won't visualize me "in traction".  Ha, ha.  Okay I'm talking to myself now.  You
peeps are funny sometimes.  Gone unreported in the last Rants was JIni's new Acura Integra that
makes Valerie cry.  So sad.  No mods as of yet, but expect to see "mad mullet racing" around
Burleson soon.  Taylor and his boost fantasies.. wow.  Where is the black coupe?  22 psi doesn't
lie.  Superchargers, NOS or Turbos bring it, he's looking.  Big Joey and his CRX..  back to the
paint shop for minor, minor detailing.  A very sweet ride.  Robert,  feliz compleanos, amigo.  Tu
eres gato es no bueno por la manana escondido muy importante se gunda parte.  Si?  J.C., a man
of discriminating Mustang tastes.  An insurance check is a beautiful thing.  All this goes on while
greek chills in the mediterranean.  Wow.  Well.  Guess that's it except for Chris, stationed in
Georgia still.  I took his family hostage, so don't expect to hear from him for a while as he
navigates my fortress of darkness, guarded by...  my dog in all his deaf glory.
What's a guy to do?  Less than three weeks ago, I pulled the dash out of the Mustang and ripped
selectable levels of my A/C are back.  Once again, I have put my hands on a part of that car that
harness.  This car still has a long way to go before it reaches the point of Mustang nirvana.  It is
everything about the car is attractive to me.  I guess that explains the lack of girls hanging around
fine, we're all alive, and that's a good sign.  Taylor is still unemployed.  So am I.  No really new
developments there.  I'm signed up for a semester of computer type classes in order to get
certification for personal computer support.  Not my calling by any means, but certainly a way
to put food on the table, or gas in the tank.  Cody is still laid up from work.  He has his own it is
collecting dust.  Perhaps it will be done sooner than we think..  J.C. is in the market for a mustang
now.  I went with him to look at a coupe, but it wasn't his cup of tea.  Something about putting
$3,000 into a car just to get it street legal seems unappealing to him.  The little LX was in soon.  
Chris is still in the army.  He'll be coming down for labor day, and the parties will ensue.  Joey is
now officially a drunk.  That is his label now.  If you see him, call him that.  I will laugh.  Valerie
has her own apartment.  Yes, the new APT in CPT.  I'm still trying to get pics of her
Thunderbird.  She calls it the best car she's ever bought.  I couldn't agree more..  Robert is doing
good.  His car is not.  The boy hasn't driven the thing in forever.  He has the worst inferiority
complex about his car.  Many mods, great car.  He'll come around.  Tony, Jarret, Cory are all up
to their own stuff.. i haven't heard out of Jarret in a while, but he went out of town for about a
month, and Cory bought a third-gen I hear.  Tony is whipped.  And that's all.  I bought a new
issue of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords and read about the 2001 Cobra.  The best they were
able to get out of it stock was 13.34.  They only did it once.  It ran 13.4 the rest of the time.  I'm
going to take this time to Rant at Ford..  This is sorry.  With these numbers, a COBRA, the
biggest and baddest Mustang available, not to mention the most expensive, can barely keep up
with an LS1 powered Z28 that costs WAY less.  Screw that.  Wher does that leave the GT
Mustang?  The "Bullit"?  It leaves them racing six-bangers that's what.  There is no competition
between Ford and Chevy on this.  Chevy wins.  Period.  Ford screwed up with this 4.6 thing.  
They will not admit it.  Fors said in '96 that this engine was the future, that pushrod cars had
reached the limit.  They did what they said, they put the engine in the car, and yes.  it was faster
than the stock five liter offered the year before.  And Ford stopped.  It was like Ford proved to
other Mustang drivers that the 4.6 was faster than a stock 5.0 and stopped at that.  Chevy
started to kill ford after that, while Ford still claimed that the 4.6 was the 'wave of the future'.  
Ford, listen up and grow up.  A modded 5.0 will BLAST a 4.6.  The 4.6 right now falls behind
the stock LS1, the modded 5.0, then the stock LT1, with the 4.6 bringing up the rear.  You'll
probably say, oh, the 5.0 is modded though.  It's not fair to compare stock to modified.  
Whatever.  Ford sandbagged that motor for years to promote the 4.6.  In house, Ford made
performance parts that would put the 302 into 300-320 hp range easy, but didn't apply them.  
Ford seems too stubborn to admit, but they should have continued to develop the 302.  I've raced
acouple of 4.6's and they lose.  There are many more powerful Mustangs out there than mine.  I
really don't know what else to say about this.  It is very maddening that the old cars have to
promote the new cars these days.  Chevy sure doesn't have to do that.  That's all my rant.  Sorry
to bore 'ya.  It just needed to be said.
Biggest news, Jini broke her arm in her latest automobile accident.  It wasn't her fault, she'll get a
new car, we know the drill.  Hopefully, she'll recover soon and life will get back to normal for
her.  My transmission is a damn joke.  To hell with the jokers that rebuilt it.  If I ever set foot in
their shop again, it will be too soon.  Burrows Transmission, don't forget.  Don't ever go there.  
Bad service, bad transmissions.  I'm looking for a 5-speed now.  I am tired of the automatic.  I
wish I'd gottena five speed when I bought the car, but that was someone else's fault who was
holding me back, not mine.  I'm 22 now.  I've come a long way from when I turned 20.  I've made
it another year with the help of my friends.  I have the best friends in the world.  If they hadn't
been there for me, back then, I wouldn't be here now.  My true friends will always be with me
and I am more grateful for that then anyone will ever know.  To Cody, to Taylor, Jini, Joey, J.C.,
Tony, Chris out in Georgia, and everyone else, you guys are the greatest.  I hope I'm as good to
you as you are to me.  That said, I'll end the Rants here.
Nearly two weeks after the attacks, I have still been unable to comprehend the destruction and
loss of life.  I am so incredibly moved by the outpouring of patriotism in the United States after
the attacks.  It is a very beautiful thing to see the entire country come together over this.  It is like
something out of a history book to see the great land untied and strong, something I always
thought was long behind us.  I see now that I was wrong.  To the people who did this, you get off
lucky in this column, because I have no words to describe your cowardly act against us.  Good
job making us mad.  Hopefully, you'll find out just what it means to be an enemy of the United
States.  Hitler, the Kaiser, Saddam Hussein, King George, and countless others have felt our
wrath.  We'll add your sorry @#$% to that list too, and history will one day forget about your
insignificant little "struggle" against us, as meaningless as it is.  Enough of that, Jini bought a new
car, a 300ZX 2+2 that is visually different from her brother's from every angle.  To the 18" ADR
Enigma wheels with carbon fiber caps to crossed drilled rotors to full GReddy exhaust with
X-pipe to the Bose surround sound, it is totally different.  I fixed my sister's car..  I wish her
"boyfriend" would quit lying to her and scaring her when something like regular maintenance
occurs.  Rather than take the time to fix it himself, he'll tell her it has blown head gaskets.  Good
job diagnosing the bad thermostat.  It took me a whole hour to change the oil, change the
thermostat, and remove the screen from the mass air meter (good for 3 hp).  After that, I invited
Ryan and JC down to the shop so that Ryan could change his oil, which he did on his Geo
Storm.  I removed the airbox and installed a cone K&N filter I got out of the Junkyard for $1.  
Applied, it made the thing sound like the meanest Acura.  It evoked quite a few laughs from us
guys standing around it.  I can now say I've modified a Geo for speed.. wow.  I'm still out of
work, but I haven't been beaten yet.  I'm looking hard, and I'm of course happy to be back in
school.  I aced my first math test with a 100 which, as I sure those closest to me know, that this
is not easily accomplished.  To say that I'm thrilled is an understatement.  I fixed Amber's
Mustang and it beat JC's mustang with Taylor driving.  It also beat Tony and his Impala.  I have
both of these on videotape.  Other than this, there isn't much going on.  Oh, from the Thunderbird
racing days are far behind it.  I promised it that as soon as it hit 200,000 miles, it would begin a
new life.  Well, the Mustang should hit the streets here soon, I expect to have Texas Best
transmission rebuild the tranny for speed any day now.  Everyone stay cool and thank God for
everyone close to you and everything you have.
On Thanksgiving day, I'm finally back on line and ready to Rant..  First up,we've got the non
bought a Z-car of my own, a sad little 280ZX with T-tops that I blew the clutch out of trying to
race it.  It is sitting quite still right now, and I'm waiting on Blue Torch Motorsports to finish the
job I am paying them for.  That's a joke.  Thirdly, Chris Watts tirelessly watches over the
Abdullah, and Akhmad, you were warned..  I'm working again at a car dealership and it is some
greatness.  Taylor and Jini are also up there with me and it is kind of odd, but it is alot of fun.  
I've got money again and that is one thing about working that I always enjoy.  The Mustang is
sitting quietly waiting for me to sell the Z so that I can afford a transmission.  The transmission
of choice is going to a World Class or Tremec, there is no other alternative.  The Mustang will
become a 5-speed car after a long life of being an automatic.  Sticks are probably faster, and we'll
see once it gets done.  The only drawback is that the 4.10's have got to go.  A stout set of 3.73's
or 3.55's will go in instead.  I thought hard about staying with the auto, but I do not have faith in
the Ford Transmission any more.  I don't think they manufacture a good one at all.  Their
automatic is a joke, it slows the Mustang down and when you actually do learn to hit all the gears
in it, you will blow overdrive up by virtue of using second gear.  T-5's always break second in
even a stock 5.0.  How in the world would it hold up to my motor?  Therefore, I'll go the
aftermarket route and buy the World Class or Tremec.  The Thunderbird is experiencing a return
to glory and I can't wait to get some pictures up of it!  In semi related news, the 2002
Thunderbird won Motor Trend's prestigious Car of the Year Award, bringing the total number of
victories to an unprecedented four.  1958, 1987, 1989, and now 2002.  Vette boys, go play in
traffic.  The 'Bird is back in a big way.  Cole has a white 300ZX now..  Look out citizens, he's
faster.  The message board is up, but I  think it is taking away from me posting here on Rants
because I tend to put up anything I have to say there rather than going through all the rigmarole of
updating this page.  The only saving grace is the fact that I can just monologue on and on and in
the end it looks good with fewer ads.  So, I think I'll leave it here and through a few more updates
out.  Ah well, on Thanksgiving everyone remember why you're thankful and remember to tell the
Man that too okay?
Here's your December issue of Rants brought to you by the good folks, er folk at other than that,
I don't suppose there's just alot going on.  I think Taylor is having some issues with his 300, but
it may not be anything more than a tune up issue, but I'll continue to track that story for you.  
The site is strangely not doing a whole lot for me these days.  I always say that I want to get this
domain I want this e-mail address, but I never seem to be able to find a host that will allow me to
retain all of what I have here.  I'm out of webspace, and I know that I have said that before but
this time I mean it.  I've trimmed as much as I can, but there is nothing else I can do short of
opening another 15mb free web site.  Well that's enough of that.  I really don't have anything else
to say.  I'm trying to plug some shameless site promotion on the newly re-formed DFWscene,
which I'm trying to become a sponsor of, but I don't think that they take me seriously enough
yet.  Forget the fact that everyone featured on my site is in someway connected with the scene
somehow. Oh, well.
Taylor ran off last night to go fix RJ's Z car.  It apparently wasn't getting any oil to the head last
night.  His future wife's Supra  is still for sale and Taylor and I are thinking hard about buying it.  
I also ended up buying a new front end for a GT Mustang yesterday, which will probably end up
going on the Project "LQD SNK".
reports of some black twinturbo  Supra running around that I hear is insane fast... Has anyone
seen it?
Sly Fox got busted not too long ago and it prompted me to start thinking about driving the
Thunderbird again..  Therefore, you can once again see the Thunderbird cruising DFW in all it's
Since the T-bird does run and drive, maybe that side will get more updates?  Doubt it.  Once I get
the motor and wheels for the thing then I'll have something to write about.
place had broken off in my block and allowed water to come out between #7 and 8 cylinders.  
need to put the Cobra intake back on and finish bolting the headers in place and I'm ready to go
trash some other Mustangs.  Before all this stuff happened, I had the car tuned (finally) and  the
car started doing crazy things i.e. spinning tires through third
in an automatic!  My God, that car
said that it ran better and faster than any other auto he's even driven.  Quite an accolade if you
knew who it was coming from.  As soon as I get going,  I've got quite a bit of business to take care
of.  All you Steve-haters need to watch the hell out,  I'm tired of taking everyone's smack.
How's your blown head gasket?  Mine's fine, thanks.  The Mustang should be going this
weekend.  I had it tuned in time to go and blow the gasket from running it up past 6,000 rpm.  Oh
well, I will take it to the track after it gets done for sure.  It is running too good not to.  Then I can
and got massive springs for the Camaro.  For the full story
click here.
everyone who has heard that before and make the poll about wheteher or not you believe it this
time.  J.C., Taylor, and me, all remember when we were told to wait for May of 2000 for the
coming of hell on earth, with Cody riding the wave of Destruction into the Descent of Madness
that we call driving an LS1.  Needless to say and to the relief of all small furry creatures, this led
to this monumental let-down.  Anyway, it all starts again this year and "Cody Says" games are
running rampant, yet again.  I love springtime.
f--- I was doing.  I never got "THE RACE" I wanted, but then again, it would have been such a
mismatch at this point that it would have only proved to no one that I can build a fast Mustang.  
I knew that a year and a half ago, from the very beginning.  So what know?  Now it's time to
move on..  I plan on having some actual fun with the next Mustang and leaving the cars and
people I used as stepping stones behind.  That doesn't mean though, that if my past comes
knocking that I won't answer, it simply means that I have nothing to lose.  BECAUSE I WON
ALREADY.  Flash forward to the summer of 2K1, check me out if you can.  I'll be having a blast
this year!!