Welcome to the first entry of 2002.  There is not much to say except that that I am quite drunk
episode of me breaking a wine glass on my forehead.  Well, I've done worse I'm sure.  I'm not as
blasted as I was on July 3, but that is ok, I'll bounce back..  I don't know what it is that makes me
want to update my page when I'm drunk, but I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that
my mind has superior control over my body, so I'm writing this in a vain effort to maintain some
sort of self control through all the pints and pints of alcohol that I have consumed.  
Mustang_Tbird doesn't suffer, the message board does, however.  I typed some crap, there.  Oh
well.  I'll catch you cats later.
Rants finds me here very far behind, even though I haven't been away from the site all that much.  
here, he seemed to breathe new life into it simply by giving it attention.  I'm working my way
back here, so on we go to Humperdincks, a restaurant that has the distinction of having it's own
microbrewery.  Well, we were asked to leave by the Arlington police when we refused to pay the
gratuity after we got pretty bad service.  I am a fan of this place and have been for about a year,
The manger threatned to have JC blackballed for life at any restaurant and pretty much told Tony
to piss off.  I was rather intoxed, and tried by best to explain to the police officer what
happened.  Screw the manager.  As I was leaving, he talked to me like it was no big deal, like I
was a pal of his or something.  I'm not sure how this ordeal will end up, but I'm sure it will go in
our favor, we were totally wronged.  On to message boards and the like, mine has been going for
four months! Whoo-hoo!  I have found though, that it raises Cody's ire to the Nth degree, when
nameless intruders get on there and lay out problems he has with his Camaro, women, friends,
etc.  Cody has sinced removed himself form what he calls, the "street scene" and will now go to
live in a cave, devoid of unwarranted criticism.  I understand, that the LS1 board is now his
playground.  I unfortunately do not have the webspace to tell you, valued reader, what I truly
think of this ponderous, ponderously run board.  Oh, well, later on, Cody.  There is still a place
for you on my board if you care.  Too bad the Weatherford guys ran you off my board that I run
from comfortable Burleson..  Burleson, not where I reside any longer.  Yes, I have moved and I
am at this time going to turn over the day to day operations of the board to.. drumroll please..  
NO ONE.  I'll be offline for no more than two days while I get a phone line.  No sweat.  Back in
February of 2001, you may remember a story I broke on Rants and Gossip about the sale of RJ's
Supra.  After sitting for a blessed year, Taylor has fronted the money and bought it.  He plans to
purchase another Supra, and sell the both of them.  What will he do with the money he makes off
this investment?  Evil things, son. Evil things.  At least no one can call him a BROKE A$$.  Or
me a bad webmaster.. hee hee.
Here it is, Rants and Gosssip year one.  This section has continually recorded the activities and
misadventures and opinions of just about everything I have have put my hands in since I weakly
tried to update this thing by adding a separate updates page.  Anyways, that's all the reflecting
i'm going to do on that subject, other than to say that this has come full circle by me breaking the
story of Taylor's Supra, which I'm sure you remember was the big story on the very first entry..  
Taylor might as well have it running, but the weather has been really cold and the barn is not
known for it's waether protection.  Cody is back in the loop on the forums, but I agree with him
and we, as well as others, have sworn off the DFWscene forever.  If you follow the
mustang_tbird forum at all, you are familiar with my crusade against half the user base of that
site.  I am nestled and set inside my apartment, and I have started yet another job where once
again I am connected to the internet I am clocked into work.  I work for a body shop (of all
places..) where I run the parts department.  I am so busy at this job I will never have time to
update the page from there like I was able to at Radio Shack, which means that I will still need to
get some kind of internet speedy connection thing before I can practically return to updating the
site once or twice a day..  Once or twice a month is about the tempo and it drives me batty, since
I get e-mail from people in Georgia who think I neglect this place.  All I have to say to that is
"myap".  Well, I guess that is about all there is., EXCEPT, Laura broke up with Joey.  Why in
the world does this interest me you ask?  It doesn't except to say that it is gossip, and that is
what I do here.  Cole got a new 300ZX twinturbo, but it is mysteriously vanished..  Word has it
he wrecked it.  Imagine that.  But the big news, and I saved this for last is the fact that I sold the
280ZX and I now have enough money for the transmission of my choice for the Mustang.  So
after the briefest of hiatus', the Mustang will be back in street racing business before you know it,
and ready for another round of spring nights, summer days and weekends at the lake.  Too bad it
is seriously 20 degrees outside..  I hate winter.
details about just what is in store for the next coming months, but let me assure you..  YOU
WILL NOT FORGET SPRING 2002.  Period.  End of story.  Next F-ing topic.  Yeah I actually
me.  I have no clue.  To any misguided individuals who might think this is some fun thing to do,
me.  I have no clue.  To any misguided individuals who might think this is some fun thing to do,
controversy I mean, I suggest and implore that you air your laundry someplace else.  I certainly
don't want anyone to confuse their issues with mine and that goes strictly vice versa as well.  If
there is something I need to get off my chest, (you people better read closely) I'm not afraid to
throw names around, and YOU WILL KNOW.  You will not hear it from someone else.  I will tell
Since the last time I updates this page a whole week ago, so much "stuff" has happened..  First
you if I think you need to go play in traffic or whatever the situation dictates.  Conversely, I will
not spread rumors about people.  How Burleson Junior High is this?!  After this past week(with
all the 'rumor' specualtion), I felt like going and getting my '92-'93 annual signed.. God.  I'm a
single guy.  This means one of two things.  I am a troll, or I just don't want a girlfriend.  I assume
by the amount of hate e-mail and dirty looks I get that it is possibly the former.  However, and
this is important, it also means I have my "s" together.  I can look after me just fine, and this can
also be taken as, I do not go look for trouble unless it is by the shine of my ponies and the
duration of my cam.  Anyone who thinks otherwise and would believe any nonsense about
trouble I caused?!  Trouble I caused?!  Don't flatter yourself!!  I don't have the time or the desire
to waste my time garnishing others' problems when I certainly can cause more trouble for myself
than you can imagine and I have the broken transmission, the broken relationships, the
insufficient funds, the issues, (oh the issues!) and PERSONALITY QUIRKS to prove it!!  
..thank you, and I hope this clears up any misunderstandings you might feebly have as to what
I've been up to.
have found my place at my job, I am making more money than I ever have and I am living as well
as I ever have.  My Mustang has all the parts it needs and while it's true I haven't hit it as hard as
I thought I would, it's okay.  My Thunderbird is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, and I have
History is almost done over there along with some beatiful new pictures I took at sunset one
day.  I have returned to the Texas Motor Speedway in it, and I swear it looked better there this
time than the last time three years ago.  All said, everything is going good!  True, there is no
significant other right now, but it's best not to rush those things anyways.  My only concern
these days is what I have left behind.  I work and live in Ft. Worth and visit Burleson very
briefly.  All of my friends still hearken from Big B, and they are not inactive.  Taylor forever has
straightened and Tony is gearing up for going to the military.  Certainly, their closeness in
proximity allows for more time to be spent between them.  This isn't to say I'm some outsider,
but I don't know what goes on during the week.  I'm there for the weekends only.  So when I am
knowing that I wasn't a part in it and respond accordingly.  This is has happened four times that I
can think of in the last month..  and yet it seems it is up to me to fix said issues and fix them
when they are dumped in front of my proverbial doorstep.  I don't mind this and I never have.  I
have always considered myself to be an equalizer of sorts.  I always want things to be stright if I
can.  So I'm telling you, valued reader, that whatever you think is going on, it's not.  Simply put.  
There is no controversy surrounding anything I consider myself to be a part of these days,
whether it is my car, my shop or what.  And my advice to you is, don't create issues for the sake
of having issues.  I'm afraid nothing going on right now is as big as to deserve the amount of
attention that is getting put into it..  So what is this?  Some kind of hand washing rant?  Yes, it is.  
This weekend, this one right now, I am going to go and work on my Mustang simply for the thrill
of owning, modifying, and driving a high performance machine.  To those who share my similar
interests for speed and the desire to continually improve the driving experience, my door is
always open to you.  Anything or anyone else is fat, that in the coming weeks, will be
unceremoniously trimmed since the presence of said fat is clouding the original goals I set forth
when I threw open the shop door to anyone other than myself a year and a half ago.  This is all I
have for now, I'm really interested to see how this turns out, because I would love to hear what
anyone could possibly say at all about any decision I make regarding my shop.  For now though,
I'm content to work on my car with nothing driving me but my passion for speed.
return on the Mustang, I can't, so I'll just have to spend half this year.  So much for that big
NASCAR race today.  Eternal rain and 200 mph cars don't mix very well.  Last night I was very
busy and I got a whole lot of things done to the Mustang last night.  First on my list was retarded
freeze plugs..  After jerking around with those I went into the car and replaced the original heater
core with a new one.  This is actually a very big undertaking I have noticed.  Most websites on
mustangs I have seen actually have a page or more sometimes on blocking this thing off.  I
suppose now that I am going to be lucky to have one that works.  After that,  the flywheel and
the clutch went in and after a short break, Taylor helped me stab the new World Class T-5.  I
hooked up the clutch cable to the pedal and got a good bit of pressure behind it.  I rerouted my
speedometer cable, my oil pressure and water temp gauges and ran the wire for my tach.  So I got
all this done, what is left?  Not much really.  Today was so incredibly wet and nasty that I didn't
leave the house at all.  I will continue to work on the car for the rest of the week and get it
inspected and tagged and all that, insurance, all the goodies to be street legal again.  So I fully
expect to come back on here a week from today and tell you all about my first weekend in my
new 5-speed.  I am really glad I have a stick, most auto owners eventually want to go to one, but
I do feel a little sad now that the old auto is gone.. I had really gotten used to the idea of trying to
be a fast automatic Mustang.  I don't think though that I'll shed any tears over it when it is all said
and done.  It will just be a new experience and possibly a bragging point when it is all done.  That
is all I have for now, see you next week!
I know I said I would be back in a week and I should have been, but I have been driving my
Mustang!!  I actually completed it within the week deadline I set for myself in the previous the
park, basking with the windows down and finally waxing it as the sun slowly set.  Thanks need
to go out to everyone who contributed in any small way to the completion of this project.  I
certainly took my time even though I had all the parts, but I wanted to make sure that every
aspect of the car that needed to be addressed was to ensure a clean install.  Everything went
together flawlessly.  Anyways, first and foremost I need to thank Taylor for putting in all the
wrench hours he did with me under the car.  Cody for running to USA on my command and
spending my cash.  Jini for constantly reminding me that this was a worthwhile project, to what
driving (or pissing me off, haven't decided) me hard enough to want to go and kill said 300's
(which certainly isn't going to be hard now).  All told, I had alot of fun with this looking back and
I had so much fun as a matter of fact, that I am fully tackling Project "LQD SNK".  Truly, I've
said things about this car before, even on this page, but it hasn't been until last weekend that the
car was totally wired for it's new 5.0, complete with a mass air harness jacked from a '93 GT.  
This coming weekend, the car should have near it, if not in it, a new five speed.  Yes, I learned so
much from doing my own that I want to do it again in the derelict four banger we have all come to
know and love.  This car is not far off, and I fully expect to be able to turn the keywithin the next
three months.  That is about all the car news, except to say that the Thunderbird saw mile no.
180,000 about two weeks ago.  There are so many things I want to do for that car, but it must
make it to mile 200,000 before I turn the key off for the last time on it's old life.  So what now?  
Here I go again, I've got all my ends taken care of, living on my own, I got my toy back, I hope
everything is going as well for you dear reader, as it is for me.  One person it is not going well for
is Laura, (to quickly brush on this) she was involved in a wreck where she was the passenger.  
The driver lost control of his Camaro and put it in a tree at what is said at least 60 mph, totaling
it beyond any hope of repair.  Both driver and passenger Laura went to the hospital where they
were released after simple tests confirmed they were okay minus the normal shocks and bruises
associated with their type of wreck.  Even so, I wish both of them the best and a speedy
recovery, and of course, so does everyone else.  So this is the end of this segment, see ya next
that happen to me and other people.  For whatever reason, I did not do this for the past two
months and it has really affected me.  I'm sure I could go in here and make up a bunch of fake
entries, but I know, and this is up for me as much as anyone else, what is true and what is not.  
There is something to be said for maintaining what you could call more or less an online diary and
I hate to go back and create filler for the sake of making it look good.  that said, i'm sorry I haven't
done a better job, but I to tell you the truth, I have incredible feelings of guilt when I look at this
page anymore..  Everyone knows by now what happened to me after I got the Mustang going
again.  That said, I haven't had the desire or what to even sit in it much less drive it or spend time
doing anything to it, and this is why I feel like a hypocrite since this site is supposed to be, "oh I
like Mustangs and Thunderbirds. rah, rah, rah."  So I haven't been updating because of my car
you say?  Well.. kind of.  It is fair to say that the Mustang issue has forced me to reconsider just
what I want out of this website right here.  On one hand, I do like Mustangs and I do like I look
back through this page and I am glad that over time I have taken the time to record things
Thunderbirds even more (which no one really understands).  I have gained a new appreciation for
the Z car having owned one and being forced fed them by some of my friends.  So I think what
I'm telling you reader, is that this site is about to go a totally different direction, a direction that
anyone to be surprised when they come to the site one day and I have only a note up that
redirects you to a different one.  Until that day, i will continue to update Rants and Gossip and it
will of course carry over.  I'll have to retype everything, but it will be worth it, if and when I do
what I say I will.
..looks like I have some catching up to do.  First, If you were part of the third July 3rd party, I
hope you have recovered from the destruction of the three city blocks caused by the wave of
alcohol that was consumed that night.  Obviously, this one was an incredible success, and I can
only start to hype up July 3rd IV.  Yes, III was a ridiculous blast, and thank God I didn't get as
drunk as last year.  No grass killing took place this year.  I have so many pictures that I am going
Internet business up there off the clock rather than come home and dink around with this goofy
Internet business up there off the clock rather than come home and dink around with this goofy
56k modem made in 1998.  Alot has been going on in the car world too believe it or not.  Taylor
thought it would be funny to get the Supra running.  Why is this such a source of humor do you
ask?  Well, on the test drive, he forgot to latch the targe top, recreating the not-so-memorable
scene from the Cheese and the Cheesiest (or the Fast and the Furious for those of you who live
and die by that movie).  Great, so now he is in the Mazda truck club with it's 85 degree AC.  It
works, but it doesn't.  Go figure.. I guess that's why Ford bought them in the late eighties.  Who
knows?  Why isn't he driving the 300?  Late on a  rainy night he drove straight through a fast
moving current that shut his car down.  All I can say is.. WISE.  But it is okay, an insurance
check later and he'll be good to go.  It seems that on the other side of the metroplex, some people
have wedged themselves into a tight spot..  I was tricked into reading so much nonsense on the
DFWstangs forum.  Apparently there was some ridiculousness about some guy wrecking his you
should or should not feel sorry for the driver and passenger.  From there it just got worse and the
bathroom toilet divider scribble reverted into pointless name calling.  I was not impressed by the
way any of that went down but I'm really pissed that I was subjected to it at all from a purely
literary standpoint.  That coversation alone must have set me back eight years comprehension
wise.  My head turned to mush and I had to go see a therapist who told me that my time was
better spent somehow finding a way to manufacture crotchless panties for midgets out of soap.  
The worse part is that all of that took place between people I have featured on my aptly named
"friends" page.  I guess that being on here truly proves that not everyone need necessarily be
friends with one another to be there.  Call it oversight on my part.. or call it "I just don't care,"  
which is just as true, and funnier.   Looking down my checklist, I have party covered, ragged on
Taylor and talked message boards..  what's next..  Cole looks as thought he will sell his black 300
seeing as how it ran hot with it's new motor.  I don't know what he is planning on getting.  Joey
has some Yamaha 600 bike or something.  Don't ask me, I don't know anything about bikes.  Oh,
yeah I forgot!  These guys teamed up and pranked called my apartment late one night (speaking
of things that weren't funny..).  They went all the way to Spencer's or some other juvenile store
where someone took their money and gave them a voice box not unlike the one used in the
popular horror flick, "You Guys are Retards 4".  i was able to shake it off and while I'm stuff I do
or anything.  Anyways, I needed something to write about.  Thanks for the Inspiration, guys,
now go see the movie.  Couple quick hits, I masterminded the sale of a 300ZX to Taylor, Tony
has the Impala in Autotrader, Cody went out of town and is back, I got a promotion and a raise,
my Thunderbird has awesome new speakers and a radio and chrome wheels.  ..And I'm out of
room.  So I'll end this one, I'll be back soon with more.
other parts of the site were so weak they needed attention immediately.  What you have now is a
much more streamlined, informative site that unfortunately is still not entirely completed.  It
could be compared to the final Death Star.  Work was also not very kind.  Working through a
short handed promotion is never easy, yet somehow, I was able to manage.  Managed so well in
fact, that this current installment of Rants comes top you from my new computer at my new
desk.  It seems as though things at work have finally fallen into place, and I can quit taking my
work home with me.  Since I left off in.. July.. the Thunderbird blew up its transmission on the
way home from Burleson late one night at the end of July.  The tranny gave out after 180,000
miles of thankless service while on the highway in ghetto-town Fort Worth.  The car fought to get
itself home and once I parked it, it refused to start again.  Drastic action calls for drastic
measures..  With the Thunderbird ailing, I sacrificed the Mustang and robbed the rims to allow the
transmission to be rebuilt.  since that day, I've had the power steering system totally revamped,
the brakes have been addressed. the windsheild was replaced, the front and rear bumper chrome
strips were replaced, and the side mouldings were perfected after five years of screwing around
with foolish chrome tape.  All these things basically made a good car look sweeter, so I decided it
was time to turn my attention to the performance of the car.  I tracked down a set of Motorsport
M-5300-D springs, legendary in Thunderbird circles as the best pure performance spring you can
buy, but unfortunately discontinued.  Thanks to some help from inside, I tracked them down in
North Carolina and brought them home to install them right away.  A dual core aluminum radiator
has now taken up residence in the engine bay, finally putting to rest any notion that the car ever
ran hot.  So what have I learned only owning one car again?  So far, it has been an absolute blast
to see the Thunderbird slowly mature into the car I always wanted it to be.  As of this writing I
have turned over mile 185,000.  I promised the car I would never let it see mile 200,000 without
significant changes to the way it runs.  I learned from the Mustang that there are ways to do
things, and ways not to do things.  Alot of 5.0s are chopped up, non-stock beaters that
unfortunately will not be around for another five years.  The trick for me is to build a car that is
world class, that runs and performs that way, with no compromises.  The Mustang was
unfortunately not that way, whereas alot of corners were cut in the name a few horsepower,
which undermined the car itself.  What you are left with is a broken machine.  If the Mustang left
with no compromises.  Hence, you'll find no cut corners, no shady modifications taking place of
repairs, anything.  With this in mind, I don't feel that there isn't anything I can not accomplish
with the Thunderbird.  I refuse to subject it to what I unfortunately put the Mustang through.  
Anyways, that is where I'm at with work and car.  Everyone else is.. okay I guess.  Taylor and I
completed his '88 300ZX at work and he's been driving it while slowly building his '93.  No one
saw it coming, but there seems to be a race going between Cody and Taylor to see who can get
their car going first.  Cody is much closer than some people think, and it will be interesting to see
who actually gets theirs done first.  Cody hopped, skipped and jumped on his way to yet
another mailbox/ditch incident, this time at the cost of his door rearend.  In the Industry, we refer
to his new rearend as "LKQ" or, "not that great, too bad."  Joey got his car painted in what
turned out to be a raw deal for me.  The car looks great, and I'll post pictures as they are available
to me.  His motor swap was a cinch and netted him 2nd place in a Car Toys show in September.  
Unfortunately for him, whether he forgot to tighten his lugs, or someone else who had his lug did
it on purpose, he lost a wheel on the highway and jacked his fender and rocker to holy hell.  A
trip to my shop ended with an awesome repair and like a five hundred percent improvement on
the paint.  As far as cars and people go that's it.  There are plenty of smaller stories to tell, but
I'm out of reasonable space, and I was doing some catching up anyways, touching on the major
stories.  Anything else, you'll have to read in the forums.  Until next time..