event.  I think that in times such as those, events become too powerful to ignore, and I thank God for
the talent and ability to broadcast my views to the world, even though it is confined to this small
corner of the web.  Once again, I find myself dusting off the soapbox in order to eschew or vilify my
views on different events.  First, if somehowyou have made your way out of a dank hole, there is a
course spotty and sporadic at best, but we know that he is at least safe while the U.S. Military
course spotty and sporadic at best, but we know that he is at least safe while the U.S. Military
marches closer towards Baghdad.  When the time comes, hopefully, I can convince him to write a
series of articles detailing his adventures.  Secondly, to quote an unknown source, "the first
amendment guarantees the right for everyone to state their opinion.. thankfully it doesn't guarntee
their right to be heard.. or to make very much sense."  I am so tired of anti-war protests.  Screw
everyone who participates in so-called anti-war rallies.  You (and I am directly addressing these
fools) are idiots. Now let me explain, in a non-violent sort of way, why I can reduce you people to a
simple, five letter word.  You are using this war as an excuse to promote your own unforseen
lawlessness.  An anti-war protest is nothing but a thinly veiled platform to create organized anarchy
in your own respective streets.  Anybody who says otherwise does it with a sh-t eating grin.  I am
constantly bombarded by images of people stopping 5 o'clock traffic, like that helps anyone, and
signs that inanely read, "Bomb Texas."  While these people are entitled to their opinions about the
war, I believe it ends there.  By all means, have a protest, but please don't make life harder on people
who have nothing to do with your views.  Please find a more intelligent way to express your opinion,
without resorting to a mob mentality bereft of idealism beyond lawlessness.  All this boils down to is
people stepping on other people's toes.  While we may or may not be stepping on Iraq's toes,
intentionally or unintentionally, we don't need to impede or take away our own people's ability to
carry on daily life in the name of your empty excuse of peaceful protests.  In short, screw you.  
Thirdly, it seems that the retards are falling all over themselves to say retarded things.  Countless
"celebrities" have opened mouth, inserted foot by offending the very people that unwittingly feed
their extravagant lifestyles.  Because you are an actor or a singer, you are unfortunately not granted a
free pass to make public inflammatory remarks about our leaders without reprimand.  So many have
learned this the hard way in the past month that it is almost amusing to play a game where you try
and guess who is going to say the next stupid thing.  As long as this war goes on, I have hope that I
can possibly earn a job preparing public statements for public figures, which I find amusing.  This is
all I have to say in rebuttal to all the different events going on these days.  As for my opinions I
would hope you can tell from the above nonsense where I stand.  I hope this is all over soon and we
can turn Iraq into the Eighth Wonder of the World; a parking lot the exact size and shape of that