matters now is that I am writing another column and if somehow you’re reading this, you
love me for it.  That’s what matters.  First off, I have to touch on this whole Jini getting
screwed at the bar.  Whoa, that sounds really bad..  Bad or not it happened, so I have to say give
it the proper attention it deserves.  Allow me to paint this picture.  Jini strays far from me one
night on one of my frequent trips back to Burleson and goes out with some friends from her
work.   No sweat, you say, what’s the problem?  As the night progresses, Jini enjoys her
trademark Long Island at the local pub.  To her dismay, her friends spy her getting a tab at the bar
and then chaos ensues.  The heretofore mentioned friends load the tab up and promptly leave.  
This of course is unknown to Jini, until of course she goes to cash out, at which point all the
drinks are charged to her.  That’s the end of the story. While not too entertaining, there are
several important things to be learned from this yarn. Number one.  If there is any guy (i.e. male,
man, boy, XY chromosome organism) within ten feet of you who claims that they wear or have
worn women’s jeans, keep you eye on them at all times.  People like this are not to be
trusted, for any reason, ever.  Number two.  If there is a shift change in waiters or waitresses
while you are the one being served, speak to a manager immediately.  The simple explanation here
is, well, simple as well as obvious.  You are and should be the focal point of this server’s
attention while you are there.  If you are not, then you are allowing all kinds of problems to arise
out of the inattention you receive.  This can include but is not limited to what happened to Jini.  
The waitress’s inattention, allowed the sneaky, women’s jean wearing nancy to run up
Jini’s tab.  Because I care about my readers, I have explained to you, but have armed you,
with the knowledge that you must always be on guard for the scam, or possibly scam-ola, and
not let grifters grift you out of the money that you work hard for.  How else will you pay for the
internet connection that aloows you to come here and read my crap?  In other news, Tony and
Joey got into a fight at the local honky-tonk.  They were actually assaulted by a redneck who
later got his by going to jail.  Nice going, Jerry Lou (or insert another stereotypical name here),
you got drunk and hit a guy in his car with no glamour or intensity of a real fight.  For your brash
incursion of the laws of the fight, you go to jail and enjoy your daily pot pie.  This is all the good
advice I feel like I can cram into this article, if you find anything amiss, please feel free to e-mail
Wow, working really sucks these days..  It seems like more and more, I am getting caught up in
what seems to be an ever growing hole thinking all the while that I'm really working up to be
some kind of company man, when really I'm simply falling into the same hole as everyone else.  I
spend so much time thinking about and being at work that I am not spending the time I really
need to with people that are the most important to me.  What a creeping malaise.  So here we go,
I'm going to vent and rant for the whole world to see right here on this page and let everyone
know that I know that I know there is something else better to do.  And.. this can be a battle cry
for anyone that feels oppressed or beaten down at their job.  Go find something else.  My
philosophy dictates that one should be able to just drop a thing like a job and walk away.  just
walked away from your job one day, who's to say that you aren't hired later on by someone that
really appreciates what you have to offer at a better rate?  How will you know what is down the
you waht is down the street.  Go find out for yourself.  If you could not just walk away from
your job one day, then you are chained to it and you are owned like a dog.  This is not to say that
I am unhappy in what I do at all.  God knows when the time has come, I have demonstrated that
I am not afraid to drop a job and ride into the sunset.  Read further down this page and see where
I started.  I quit the very job that helped give rise to this site, and yet when I knew the time had
come, I was gone.  I will continue to come into work at this job and feel good about it, despite the
many variables that can affect my day, or someone else's.  I simply want everyone to be secure in
the fact that they are in control of their destiny and are more than the job they work.  I hope this
someone who gives a damn, your author of mustang_tbird Rants.  Your welcome.
The result was an anticlimactic extravaganza that mercifully ended with my unconscious removal
from a well-known Fort Worth eating establishment.  Now that the proper introduction has been
laid out, thanks should go to all those involved, but I will start with Joey, who made the
unknowingly amazing call to waste my Sunday by ordering a double shot of 151 proof, mixed
with a hearty shot of Goldschlager, topped with the always unpleasant Jaegermeister.  
Commonly referred to as the “four horsemen� this title is somewhat misleading as there is
another ingredient needed to complete this unholy posse.  In this instance it would be correct to
refer to this “drinkâ€� as a kind of “three horsemenâ€�.  This particular drink still, as I
write in the confined safety of work after hours, still makes me salivate in a way that makes one
feel as though they are about to expel the night’s dinner.  So what, you ask?  Where is this
going?  Over the course of four years, I have used this bulletin board of a column to post many
moved to this idea of a more prompted, grandiose column where everything that is bothered to be
written has a well drawn out thought process and conclusion.  This explains the purpose of this
column right now.  A new thought, or epiphany if you will, occurred to me somewhere between
being drug out of the bathroom at the restaurant and into the parking  lot (neither of which I
remember) and it has grown on me in the past two days.  I don’t like that drink.  If I ever see
it again, I think I’ll be sick.  I don’t think, I know so.  Graciously will I turn it down if the
opportunity is placed in front of me in the future.  There is unfortunately no lesson here beyond
that this time, no words I can impart to you that will save you from this mostly embarrassing
situation (and God, isn’t hard to maintain charm when you can’t stand?) except for one,
and that is if Joey should bring you a drink, you run.
Checkin’ in with Rants.  2004 is coming to a close and it looks like as hectic as the past two
months have been, it is coming to a much calmer close.  Which is kind of disappointing since that
doesn’t give me as much source material to work with.  In a perfect world, this is 2002 and
everyone (except me of course) is doing stupid things that I can write about.  I was reading some I
am older and questionably more mature, but I feel a little like Letterman after he made the I am
older and questionably more mature, but I feel a little like Letterman after he made the switch to
the Late Show in the early nineties.  Madonna showed up once and gave him a hard time about
not giving his guests a hard time anymore, and that’s a kinda how I feel, like I’ve lost an
edge somewhere.  So, here is my attempt to regain a little of that “edgeâ€�..  First off, a
neighbor of mine is a total piece of $#!% for some random crap he keeps pulling.  Paul was
awakened by this guy’s ham hand knocking on our door as if he had a nightmare where his
twinkie bit back.  His incessant tomfoolery did not cease for the better part of fifteen minutes
until frustrated by our refusal to answer the door, he stormed off.  Need I mention this was 1:30 a.
m.?  Need I also mention that the cause of his lack of self control was caused by a ceiling fan in
Paul’s room?  Okay, there are a couple of different analysis available here.  Possibly, he is
simply on a diet and needed food badly, not unlike a certain blue valkyrie.  This is probably the
most likely cause, as I can’t really see that a ceiling fan a full floor beneath you could
possibly drive one to get up, walk down stairs, and stand outside like a fool for a quarter hour.  I
don’t get up that early for anything, and if my apartment were on fire at 1:30, I would get up
long enough to see just how bad the fire was, determine how much longer I had to sleep and go
back to bed.  This pathetic yarn is just that, and I have wrenched as much humor as possible out
of it and that is surprisingly, unrefreshingly little.  In other news, Cody bought a truck, Joey
made dirty love to the business end of a Coke can and Kevin bought a Mustang.  Oh, and it looks
like the Tay~fu is getting married.  It is kind of a rush deal since his wife Traci(y?) is with child.  
So I am glad to announce to the mustang-tbird.com nation (you know which two people you
called best man and so being, my duty to provide a degree of lewdness at the bachelor party.  
Speaking of mustang-tbird.com, it is official, and now you can enjoy the site ad free, in THX.  So
all those old pictures of God knows what during those past four July third pages will finally have
home, and that is the worst news some of you have gotten in a long time..
I’m sure a lot of you people run across this page and wonder, what the hell?  Here is this
weird collection of a bunch of one guy’s crap and I am even sure that a lot of you people here
have typed in a search word and come up with this page.  Unfortunately for those of you who
fall under that category and not the true followers, you will now be subjected to the most recent
Rant.  I give good advice.  I have not ever given advice to anyone that I thought was bad, or could
end up hurting someone that I cared anything about, be it one of the boys, someone I work with
or whatever.  The problem with giving good advice is that I rarely am able to give it to myself.  
On the off occasion that I do give myself said advice, I can’t even seem to follow it.  Few
points in my life require this kind of epiphany but your esteemed author has just experienced one
of those epiphanies in a very blunt, pointed way.  Obviously, a lot has happened to me in the
past few months.  Jini moved out and it was extremely tough to wake up one day and realize that
someone I cared about so much, who returned that to me incalculably, was gone.  With this forced
new lifestyle your author once again had become unwillingly single as an ugly falling out ensued.  
Only very recently have I been able to put together enough of the pieces to even begin to
partially restore what was once a very strong friendship, which I felt it was before it was
anything else.  But now, in the aftermath, we have of course gone our separate ways, building
relationships with other people and with varying results.  To say I have faltered in that endeavor
would be a gross understatement of almost moronic proportions.  This is where my own good
advice has failed me, as I let my defense down to a new person, only to get spectacularly burned
in the end.  The problem with this is that I knew better from the beginning but took the chance
anyways, and for this transgression, I am doomed to deal once again with a feeling of rejection
that I unfortunately know all to well.  The details are unfortunately not worth relaying, just a
matter of Steve once again sticking his foolish neck out for something that wasn’t there, like I
didn’t learn anything a little more than five years ago.  The good news is that I once again get
to throw more experience on the pile, which is after all little consolation right now, but a future
strength as I continue to make my way alone in this world.  I have had my heart broken by
better.  It could be said that in times like these, your friends are there to support you, no matter
what.  For all this, however, it needs to be said once again that I am forever in debt to guys like
Taylor, Cody, Paul, JC, and even Joey and Tony and numerous others who have helped me sort
crap out throughout those past five years of my life, because God knows, with any luck, weâ
€™ll be drinking a lot of beer this weekend.
There is a flurry o’ Rants these days, but it is necessary I guess.  So many times I just get
something to write and well, you get the idea.  I’ve never apologized for anything I’ve
ever written before, and I don’t think I’ll start now.  No one comes here to read me falling
these things too you know, and I’d rather not be reminded (by myself) that I screwed up
something so bad that I had to actually write about it and read it later far after it is relevant; God
knows, I have enough current problems without bringing up old ones.  This said, your last entry
spur of the moment entry, a self important re-affirmation of who I am (and the hard lessons
learned..), and so I am writing this one as a kind of companion to it and we’ll move onto
something else.  Mostly what you read was simply about decisions to be made and the various
effects and outcomes they have.  That said, I don’t regret any decisions I made that gave rise
€˜arguably’ should be the word) get, and I have noticed that I sure can let out a lot of angst in
the span of a few sentences.  Judging from the reaction I got from a few of you, it was a very
depressing, surprising thing to read through.  The fact that I am able to evoke emotion through
written words means a lot, but I certainly don’t want to make this a bulletin board for any of
my emotional soul searching.  I have plenty of web space to do that someplace else and I’m
not real interested in making these things a chore to read through.  Whew.  Moving on,
congratulations go to the Gideon family, as they gave birth to the young Corbin Dakota Gideon
on the 27th.  I didn’t actually get to see him after he was born, but I did witness the next level
of buffoonery from Cody and Joey.  People limped through the hospital in pain while these two
attempted stoppies and endos in a wheelchair.  Ludicrously humorous now, it was a little issue:
Where was the security to stop Cody as he was two wheeling that chair down the hallway?  This
is an example of the billions of dollars this country spends on health care staring back at the
crippled people, as the well people hijack their wheelchairs.  Armed with this, I should never pay
for a meal again, and jack it from some terminal peeps.  Who will stop me?  Other than this, it
looks like I am on the move again with the job situation as I am taking a halfway transfer to the
far north area of Corinth to begin taking money from that location.  What a horrific drive.  Maybe
I’ll get a new car..
Is it time again already for Rants?  Unfortunately, yes it is.  Taking some advice from others, as
maybe keep a little consistency going on here.  Speaking of taking good ideas and running with
them, you'll notice the Archive link at the top of the page.  This was put here for your
convenience, sweet clean reader, so that if you must go back and relive a bunch of junk I wrote
years ago, have at it.  In other site related news, I'm glad to see there is a little activity going on in
the life support forum.  I still want a new one though, as it would be a little easier to navigate
through, and maybe a little more appealing visually.  Let's see..  Kevin's Mustang is finished.  I
should say that it is assembled.  The hood and bumper need to be painted and then it will really
be done.  The car runs really good, not so much fast as efficient, but there again, it is only a
four-cylinder.  It's kinda like a "safety" Mustang, not unlike those scissors retarded kids got in
kindergarten.  I could only imagine the wave of total destruction he would ride if this car had four
more cylinders in it, so I'm glad he is learning the ropes in a not so powerful iteration of a the first
time.  Ah, well.. time flies.  Let's see, who else is making news these days?  I'm certainly not,
other than the fact that I bought the guts out of a wrecked Mustang in order to transplant itnot,
other than the fact that I bought the guts out of a wrecked Mustang in order to transplant it
Gather 'round, gather 'round for the December 2004 edition of the notoriously infamous Rants
and Gossip of Mustang-tbird.com.  If you are reading this, I would implore you to glean as much
useful (useful, yeah right..) information as you can because with the way December sounds like it
is shaping up, I will be forced to write another one of these before too long, running the new risk
of instantly making you forget about this entry, since I am of course writing so very much lately.  
grossly underestimated you, the mustang-tbird faithful, my precious Rant fodder.  The fact that I
there is oh-so-much to  in fact write about, provided I simply take the time to do it, and still you
making news these days.  First, Taylor is about to get married.  This is monumental as far as this
little clique is concerned.  Seems like it was me, JC, Cody and Taylor running around in the
summer of 2000 like it was going out of style and during that summer we were responsible for
what we now know as July 3rd, the ultimate annual tradition of just being with your friends like
there isn't anything else going on in the world, while drunk of course, mixed with the occaisional
hot chick.  Did we bond?  Did we build relationships that would last a lifetime?  As a part of that,
I would say yes we did.  But it seems like a rift has formed between Taylor and Cody
somewhere, friends long before there was a Steve or JC or anybody for that matter, and I think it
is infinitely sad that the catalyst of this thing seems to have been a measly sum of money.  I
sometimes unwittingly take on the position of moderator in certain situations due to my rather
This is a fair statement, and I think I too often I have let conversations and people go without
"breaking it off" in them. While we may find that this situation does not necessarily dictate that I
"break it off" in someone, we will find it does need someone who won't nance around the subject.  
That said, I'm not trying to put feet up asses, but I will say what needs to be said here just to
wash my hands of it and here it is, in print.  Someone needs to and probably could make this
"situation" right and close the growing rift.  I'm convinced this thing between Taylor and Cody is
a minor misunderstanding that neither one will remember the details of in a year.  When that day
comes, all that will be remembered are resentful feelings, and that certainly won't mean as much as
all the experiences we've had.  This is probably all I need to say about this. I had a lot more
written and you are reading over the stuff I erased because it just didn't take with me and it
seemed way too preachy for the subject matter even though I was on a monster roll..  Chris
Watts.  Have fun in the sand box.  I've told you once, I tell you again, keep the gun loaded and the
eyes peeled.  If you want to mail me a Mustang, I am ready for you as I have bought yet another
parts Mustang (and this must be Paul's bad influence; I never abused 'stangs until I met him..) and
it has a beautiful quarter panel on it that I think would be even better on my old 'stang.  Besides,
that car needs to get a good track under it so that when you get back, you may have the privilege
of lining up next to Liquid.  Skipping subjects, I may now take my rightful place as the ultimate
finesse dash technician extraordianaire magnifique.  If anyone has a dash they want pulled for any
reason, contact me and I'll be your Huckleberry.  I performed what could be the most difficult
task possible on one of the most over-engineered vehicles of the last decade, the 1993 300ZX 2+2
belonging to herself, Jini Jones, the ex-girlfriend to end all ex-girlfriends, and fueled what has now
become a very large ego.  All I got for this new hell was an MGD, but I persevered.  To say the
hell spawn of a job turned out well would be an understatement; I surprised even myself, not
easy to do, and affirmed a real sense of achievement in my latent ability to do excrutiatingly
detailed work on cars.  So suck it.
yourself."  Au contraire, dear reader, I am very much myself, and in sickeningly literate detail.  To
prove it, I present to you Exhibit A, the December 21st edition of my highly rewarding Rants and
Gossip.  I can't tell you what prompted this unexpected mission statement, but I can tell you this
mostly because I look so good in formal wear.  We had his so called bachelor party, but it was
nothing more than a trip to familiar territory in downtown Fort Worth, with no fantastic tales of
last minute singleness on Taylor's part to go with that.  It was pretty standard drunken fare, with
the notable (or not, depending on who you are) exception of a certain ex-camaro driver turned
occaisional hard rider.  Anyways, the downtown Fort Worth expedition can be considered a mild
success as we all made it home at about 3 am.  With all that said, it's time now for the
Mustang-Tbird Holiday Shopping Guide.  First and foremost, wait until three or four days out
from Christmas to actually go to the mall.  This allows you the luxury of being able to avoid the
hackneyed "I didn't wait until the last minute" declarations from Over Enthusiastic Christmas
Nuts (OECN) who got their shopping done in October.  You know the type, the people you see
on the news the fourth Friday in November pushing down the nice old men who normally greet
you at Walmart.  No, dear reader, smart shopper, you waited until a proverbial "last five Dear
God, but it is time for another Rant.  I want everyone to know that there is nothing wrong
minutes" nullifying the piddling side comments of the OECN's at Christmas parties and family
gatherings, since there is one in every group that will come up to you and attempt to engage you
in conversation this way, with sinister undertones that attempt to validate their existence as an
OECN at your expense.  Secondly, never buy anything your first time out.  It is always good to
"survey the landscape" so that you are not tricked into getting something for someone that
sucks.  Use the time you spend as a crutch to find a superior gift.  I actually went to a mall and I
called Paul and ordered stuff from him while I was in the mall.  In this instance, the mall helped
reinforce the idea that there is nothing there that I need (ala the ultimate consumer nihilist, Tyler
Durden), I went there just to get something somewhere else.  I recommend this strategy to
anyone.  There are any number of ways to combat the holiday season, while maintaining holiday
pretenses and I have listed a few here that will 100% ensure you have invested minimal time with
minimum to maximum results, coupled with varying degrees of gratitude.  Thank you e-mails can
be sent to steve@mustang-tbird.com.  Merry Christmas. Before I go, I gave some credence to the
possibility that I may not be myself lately..  I can absolutely understand why some people may
have been able to think this after some news I learned today.  Everyone knows about my strange
affinity for tomatoes, and it seems there is a nationwide shortage on them.  It occurred to me
today that I have not had a tomato in more than a month.  Could this be an amazing coincidence
or evil conspiracy?