I bought this zombie Mustang in November of 2000.  This Mustang started its life as a blue
four cylinder hatch with a blue interior and it existed that way for the first eleven years of
its life before its alternator caught on fire.  The previous owner gave the car to his grandson.  
They removed the four cylinder and cut all the wires leading into the engine bay.  A couple
of primer spots later, they lost interest and put it up for sale in Burleson.  The only thing I
did to it was remove the LX cover and loosely hang a beat up GT cover on it.
1989 Ford Mustang LX
I bought it as a parts car and drug it down to the barn and that’s where it sat for three
years.  During its time there I tried to sell it and I took the taillights off of it.  Some guys
who were interested came to look at it but when they saw the car had no wires, they didn't
buy it.  I tried to sell it again, but no one wanted a four cylinder hatch car that had fire
damage and clipped wires.  It sat there and I continued to work on the '88 GT I owned.  
After I changed the dash harness in that car, I decided to replace the wiring harness in the
'89.  After locating a suitable harness in a '92 four cylinder, I took out the dash and installed
it.  I connected a mass air wiring harness from a '92 V8 car and now the engine bay didn't
look so empty.  Uncle Doc believed me when I said I could get it running and the he bought
the engine that went in it.  I moved away from Burleson, and I sold the '88 GT. Because of
my experience with that car, I decided I was done with Mustangs.    
In the spring of 2003, I brought the car up to North Fort Worth.  I brought all the parts I'd
stored at the barn for so long and began assembling the Mustang piece by piece, adding new
parts along the way.  With much, much, help from Paul we completed the four cylinder to
5.0 conversion, got the engine all in one piece and got it turn over.  We had to change the rear
body harness to that of a '92 to match the front so the key and fuel pump cycled correctly.  
Beyond that, the car literally started and ran perfectly for the first time in December 2003.
After running it in a pretty ragged looking shape for about a month, I took it to my work
and began stripping it down to get it ready for paint in February 2004.  Over the course of a
few weeks, the little four cylinder became a black on black Cobra clone.  It was finished in
May of '04.
After the paint work was done,  I drove the car everywhere.  Along the way, I added a
Tremec 3550, 13in brakes in the front and upgraded the seats from the convertible seats I
had.  The 5.0 that got everything rolling gave out in May of 2005 and it was back to the
barn for a summer of rebuilding.  I had gotten a hold of some Eagle rods, new pistons and a
Scat Crank for a 347.  I had a shop in Denton bolt the bottom end together and cut the
block.  On September 10th of 2005, an impromptu engine install party happened as we
watched Texas defeat Ohio State 25-22 and Dema heard the Mustang run for the first time.  
I drove it for a few more months and in April of 2006, I bought a 31 spline rear axle to go
into the rear.  I left the car in Burleson at my folks place so that I could return to the barn
that weekend and install the new axle.
The car never made it to the barn.  
After a detour to my shop in Corinth, I began disassembling what was left.  I learned the
subframe was destroyed and the floor mount that held it to the inner rail was ripped away.  
In January of 2007, the car went up on the frame rack.  I had to cut a section floor from
another Mustang with a sawzall and ordered a Steeda tubular crossmember.  After the
mounting was secured I reinstalled the engine and transmission that I had taken out as an
assembly.  The door, fender, rocker moldings, and front bumper had to be replaced.  Chrome
Cobra replicas had to replace the aluminum '96 wheels I had since three of them were broken
upon impact.  Once it was clean, it was like nothing had happened, and Dema and I planned
on driving away from our wedding reception in it.   
On the way on from work, where I charged the a/c system after a few weeks of driving the
Mustang again, I missed a shift on the highway while driving it hard.  The engine started to
knock.  We ended up not being able to use it at the wedding, and I put the car away.  I
accepted a promotion and became focused on other things, and I let the car sit until Paul and
I removed the engine at his place in 2008 and returned it to the apartment garage.  When we
purchased our home in September of 2009, I had it towed by flatbed to its new home in our
garage where it stayed and became a fixture until it ran again in September of 2013.  

Now, it waits for me to get some wiring done for the new gauges and cooling fan, but I'm too
busy writing words
on a