As I was nearing four or five years old, I remembered riding in my Aunt Karen's golden 280ZX with
the t-tops off.  My mother told me about how she used to worry about me as we went blasting down
the road.  Years later, Valerie bought a 1983 280ZX herself and drove it for a few months.  When she
bought her Thunderbird around the turn of the century, she allowed me to drive it once in a while.  
Driving that Z recalled long forgotten memories, and I had the desire to find one for myself. It was my
first experience driving that long nose, short decked little car that literally hopped every time you
shifted gears.  After a short search, I found one at All Z Car Specialist off Sun Valley Drive in
Kennedale.  Every one knows Jerry and I'm sure I wasn't the first person he sold their first Z to.  Uncle
Ronnie graciously put up the money for the little brown Z and I was hooked.  She needed a little work,
but the Z was reasonably straight and even had the original t-top bags in the back.  With some pride I
got the ancient factory radio to work in that thing and "The Ballroom Blitz" by Krokus was the first
song I heard coming out of the radio - fitting and period correct I guess...  I drove this car for the better
part of five months and I enjoyed every second.  I even managed to blow the clutch right out of it by
racing, off all things, a first generation RX-7 at a stop light on Highway 174 in Burleson.  Taylor
installed it for me down at the barn, as I knew less than nothing about the mechanics of this little car.  
Val was with me as I sold it after I moved to North Fort Worth, and I sold this car as I was trying to
scrounge up the money to complete the 5-speed transmission conversion in the '88 Mustang I owned at
the time.  I was very, very sad to see this car go, and even though I bought other Z cars, I still wish
sometimes that I still had this one.  My desire for a Z would not subside as a result of selling it,
however.  I sold it in February of 2002, and the all new 350Z was right around the corner, just a few
months away and I had to get in on the then growing Z car craze and bought my '78 280Z.

Other than the desire for more Z cars and some pretty vivid memories I created, all I have left of it is
the for sale sign I made for it, stuffed away in the attic with an old cell phone number I don't have
anymore and th
ese hazy pictures at Uncle Doc's place.  
1983 Datsun 280ZX