This Camaro was a rescue.  One spring day in 2010, I went to the shop I was managing in
Bedford, and this wrecked Camaro sat there with all the air bags deployed, the windshield
broken, and the front end laid over.  The insurance company totaled it.  It required a new
dash, all the bags, air bag computer, a new fiberglass SS hood, bumper, lights, structure,
fender, and more.  I thought more and more about asking the owner to buy it. Dema came up
to the shop and we sat in it, remembered the good times we had in our '95, and I contacted
the owner.  He sold it to me instead of letting it for to the scrapyard, giving the Camaro
another chance.
1999 Chevrolet Camaro SS
The front end was a mess.  The frame rails were laid over 7mm, and the right apron
structure that needed to be replaced was discontinued by GM.  One of the very skilled
techs at the shop I managed cut the damaged piece off and rebuilt it.  He did the pulling on
the front structure.  I'd never locked a vehicle into the frame machine before, so this was
good learning experience.  Using the hydraulic tower was pretty awesome and you could see
the structure visibly move as the car got square again.
Once the structure was straight, I had the glass replaced and found a guy out in Mansfield
that had all the airbags I needed.  The hood was too much for me to purchase.  The
fiberglass was nearly broken in two and it required alot of fiberglass repair, which I had up
to that point never done.  I repaired the hood over the course of about a week and primed
it.  The painter painted it on a Friday night and I itched to get up there the next morning to
get it together.  I hadn't told anyone I owned it and I couldn't wait to show it off once it was
After the repairs were done, it obvious driving and hearing it that some engine work had
been done, but I didn't believe the previous owner's claim that it made much more hp than
factory.   I took the car to Momentum Race Group in Lewisvillea and had it dyno'd where it
made 396 to the rear wheels.  All in all, not a bad purchase.

Dema and I continue to have wonderful adventures in it.  We've taken it all over the place -
to a Hill Country trip where we found car shows and lost bridges, to a tailgate at a World
Series game, down to Burleson to pull PawPaw's truck out of the woods - it's been a fun
ride for sure.