My first new car.  I traded in the '93 300ZX and the '95 Camaro together one night after
work.  The deal they cut at North Texas Nissan was too good to pass up and I started the
paperwork.  Everything was great - except I hadn't told my wife of two weeks yet.  I called
her on the way home and gave her the 'good' news.  Once she saw that Solar Orange staring
back at her when I got home, she couldn't say no and we went back to the dealer the next
day to finish the papers.
2007 Nissan 350Z
We've kept the Z same way it came to us, no modifications other than the Ray's wheels we
installed in late 2011.  It has been a fixture at many Texas Ranger's tailgates and the 40,000
miles on the clock have been mostly spirited.  The Z has been good to us, we paid it
off and wouldn't dream of getting rid of it. I can't wait to take Jaxon for a ride in it when he's
a little older!
So we've had the Z our whole married life and for just us two folks with no kids, it's been a
blast to have the little two seater for us to zip around in.  The Z is a base model 6-speed, no
traction control, no extra electronics like navigation or backup camera, just a CD player and
power windows.