It is 2012 now.  Three more years until flying cars and

I really wanted to return to this web page with somerelly meaningful garbage about, "oh, I really wanted to post
up for so long but I didn't because I'm busy, I can't believe it is still here! also lol lol lol!"  This site has never
gone away, I know, because Facebook, the Texas Rangers, Twin Peak, Ghenghis Grill, Soma Intimates and more
email me daily.  I use the email address frequently, pay the bill for the domain so I then can receive that
unlimited amount of junk mail no one asked for. I'd be starting this article off very disingenuously by insulting
anyone with the kind of statement that would imply that I had somehow forgotten that this was here.  It is
closer to the truth to say that I have simply failed or didn't care to update - ever in the past four years.   It can't
be beacuse I don't care, see, no one doesn't care if they feel guilty.  That's right, I've been guilted into actually
doing something about this, of all things I have to feel guilty about.   Forget that lawn thing or the broken
Mustang, that website - *wow* I should feel bad about that thing...   A quick rundown for those of you who
haven't been here since 2000 - the site's initial inception.  The internet has changed - it really did become the
online marketplace everyone wanted it to be a the turn of the century.  The dot-com bubble was a result of
overspeculation, millions dumped into the belief that the internet could be more, but the fact was that internet
only existed to that point as a factured, paleo-facebooky environment - everyone had 'vanity' sites that loosely
connected via 'web rings'.  Geocities was king.  I read some ridiculous stat once that it would taken you 75 years
to have looked at every page in existence for thirty seconds.  There was very little structure and since that time,
'social media' delivered the coup de' grace to the vanity page.  ...and why not?  Facebook, Twitter OWN quick
and easy updates under one roof - your web ring these days is your friend count.  No more page counters, no
more dreadful html code.  To a lesser extent, Myspace was an advanced version of Geocities, and while html
based, it was Facebook theory - which by then had already started as many of you college kids know and then
folks moved en masse to the quick and easy structure of the online update, in one place.  Companies get on
board with this and now - today, we have entire industries have revolutionized themsleves behind this online
page and others.  Beyond this centralization of users,  we are treated to speeds are higher than ever, dial-up is a
thing of the past.  Pre-teen children today have no idea what a modem connection sound is.  So here I am back
at this relic - this time capsule if you will.  This page exists as a minument to things past, and I don't mean
poorly modified Fords that I once owned.  It would be awfully easy to let this domain die off into obscurity
and simply use it for online storage, but I somehow can't let myself do it.  I can't blame the modernization of
browsing habits on this one, the point of the poorly researched internet history is to sho I am in touch with
trends and habits of online users and I understand them too well because I'm one of them.  Coming home and
firing up you social media page is quick easy, see what your folks are up to and that's that.  You don't have to
read ongoing letters like this one. - but dammit...  I loved doing this once upon a time!  Online, the people I
connect with the most seems to be people that do manage to keep their thoughts flowing on and on and do not
succumb to the brevity of 140 characters or less.  This site was designed primarily as (that's a lie).  This site
was designed because I had real issues in 2000 and I wanted the world to see that I was a badass with a
Mustang and what better way to do that than to prove it online.  Not only that, but that I could use a
Javascript updater to box in text and move pictures around (everyone okay after all that awesome??).  An
unexpected byproduct, though, of these misguided beginnings was this page and this page only - a page where I
get to sandbox around and pretend I'm an actual writer.  There is no editor, this is unfiltered right from my head
and onto your screen and in less than twenty minutes, so personally, if I like writing I can't continue to use time
as an excuse why not.  With work these days being stressfully difficult, maybe this is what I need to sharpen a
blade as it were?  Not to bitch and pile on, but to see finally what and where a writing voice can take me - not to
invade homes or start racking up page counts, this one is just for me to sandbox around again as catharsis.  
Maybe the little vanity site does have a reason after all.
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